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  1. Cotton Striped Tea Towel with Ruffle
  2. Cotton Striped Tea Towel with Ruffle
  3. Stoneware Flower Shaped Planter, 2 Colors (Each One Will Vary)
  4. Hand-Carved Mango Wood Heart
  5. Woven Baskets with Handles
  6. Mug w/ Tea Bag Holder
  7. Stoneware Mini Baker w/ Lid, 4 Colors
  8. Brie Baker and Bamboo Spreader
  9. Cotton Waffle Weave Dish Cloths w/ Loop, Set of 3 in Bag
  10. Hand-Carved Acacia Wood Spoon
    Sold Out
  11. Stoneware Bird Shaped Creamer
  12. Stoneware Mug
  13. Cast Iron Pinecone Bottle Opener
  14. Bear Honey Pot with Honey Dipper
  15. Stoneware Heart Shaped Dish w/ Dots
  16. Stoneware Dip Dish
    Sold Out
  17. Cotton Slub Printed & Cotton Waffle Tea Towels
  18. Stoneware Bowl, Wood and Metal Whisk, Set of 2
  19. Hand-Stamped Mug with Tea Bag Holder
  20. Stoneware Vintage Pitcher
  21. Melange Cotton Crocheted Pot Holder, 3 Colors
  22. Faux Trailing Plant
  23. Hand-Carved Mango Wood Tray
  24. Fall Colored Throw


  • "Townsend Mercantile has something for everyone and is in such a beautiful location! I personally found these comfy socks and a sticker designed by a local artist. The staff were friendly and helpful. If you are in Townsend, Tn you need to stop by."

    Kyle P

  • "Great little shop...Unique gifts, jewelry and fashion.. Friendly staff...."

    Debbie Whitted

  • "Cute little shop with nice gifts in Townsend 👍"

    Dean Ethridge